Life Insurance Denials

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Life Insurance Denials

Life insurance companies deny claims following the death of an insured for a multitude of different reasons.  If you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy and have experienced a denial, or feel like the insurance company is about to deny the claim, you need to contact an experienced Denver life insurance attorney right away.


When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, the furthest thing from anyone’s mind is life insurance.  Life insurance is bought as a way to protect one’s family from financial hardship should the unthinkable happen.  Going through the difficulties of having one’s life insurance claim denied places even more stress and anxiety on the already over-wrought family members.  Insurance companies will cite to various provisions of the policy, erroneous misstatements on the claim documents, or even circumstances surrounding the death, as justifications for denying claims.  Oftentimes, the evidence cited to as reasons for denial are completely immaterial to the claim itself.  Insurance companies have the resources and manpower to continue fighting with claimants, who simply want what is owed to them under the contract.

Supplemental Life Insurance

If the life insurance coverage for your deceased loved one was obtained through an employer, there may have been an opportunity to supplement the basic life insurance with supplemental coverage. Supplemental coverage can be purchased at two, three or more multiples of the basic coverage. If you have not done so, check with the employer and the insurer to determine if supplemental coverage was purchased.

If you have been denied your claim for the proceeds from a life insurance policy for which you are the named beneficiary, call or email the Denver life insurance attorneys at McDermott Law for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

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