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Denver Long-Term Care Insurance Lawyers

Denver Long-Term Care Insurance Lawyers

If your long-term care claim has been denied, contact the Denver long-term disability attorneys at McDermott Law.

Long-term care insurance is provided to our senior citizens, or anyone who has been seriously injured or suffers from a debilitating illness.  This insurance helps to pay for medical care for an extended period of time, whether that be in a nursing facility, rehabilitation facility, or providing in-home assistance to claimants who need help with activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, cleaning, and cooking, because they are unable to take care of these activities on their own due.

Long-term care can also be provided to those with cognitive problems whom may physically be able to care for themselves, but lack the mental acuity to do so.  This insurance is provided for people who need care for an extended period of time, when taking care of themselves is no longer an option.  These needs are most often not met by traditional health insurance policies, thus the need for long-term care insurance.  Insurance policies often carry different provisions, including elimination periods, duration of benefits, pre-existing condition limitations, and other qualifying factors.  As the population ages, we will see more and more people needing long term care, necessitating the increased need for long term care insurance.

If you purchased long term insurance coverage, you may find yourself having a difficult time collecting on your policy.  Many of the insurance companies which issued long term care insurance policies did not realize how much health care costs would rise.  These companies are now in a position of not being able to pay what they agreed upon.  The way to solve that problem is to deny or delay your claim.  Companies such as Conseco, Bankers Life & Casualty and Penn Treaty American have engaged in questionable claims handling and have settled claims for significant sums of money to avoid jury awards for their bad faith practices.

Our Denver Long-Term Care Insurance Attorneys are Available to Talk to You

Insurance companies will deny payment of these benefits for various reasons, and the appeal (or litigation) process can be incredibly overwhelming for many people who need long term care, as well as for their families.  If your long term care claim has been denied, contact the Denver long-term disability attorneys at McDermott Law.


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