ERISA Disability Litigation

ERISA Long-Term Disability Litigation in Colorado

ERISA Disability Litigation

After their ERISA administrative appeal is denied, some people elect to pursue litigation in order to recover their ERISA long-term disability benefits. Denver, Colorado ERISA attorney Shawn E. McDermott has helped many clients successfully pursue ERISA litigation. He has prepared this list of general guidelines to introduce Colorado residents to their rights under the law; however, nothing can replace the one-on-one advice of an experienced ERISA attorney. Please contact Shawn E. McDermott today to learn more about ERISA long-term disability benefits litigation in Colorado.

Disability Statistics

The risk of disability may be greater than you think. Recent statistics have shown:

Short-term and long-term disability insurance is intended as a solution if you become sick and cannot work. Do not let your insurance company deny you your rightful claim to these benefits.

Guidelines on ERISA Long-Term Disability Litigation

Before beginning ERISA long-term disability litigation, it helps to be familiar with a few of the regulations that govern such suits:

Learn More about ERISA

To learn more about this area of the law, please explore the following pages:

Begin Your ERISA Long-Term Disability Claim

ERISA long-term disability is a specialized area of the law governed by many complex rules. At McDermott Law, our ERISA attorneys assist applicants with all aspects of filing ERISA claims and appeals.  We also specialize in the handling of plaintiffs’ ERISA benefits litigation, and have done so hundreds of times.  You likely will not find more experience attorneys in Colorado in this area of the law.

If your ERISA benefits appeal has been denied and you are considering pursuing litigation in court, please contact our ERISA attorney today, for an honest review of your case. One of the most experienced lawyers in ERISA long-term disability litigation, Shawn E. McDermott is conveniently based in Denver, Colorado to serve people from throughout the state.

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