ERISA Disability Claims

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ERISA Disability Claims

The Colorado ERISA attorneys at McDermott Law comprise the very few lawyers in the region who disabled individuals can turn to in their fight against an ERISA disability or life insurance benefits claim denial.  If you have experienced a denial of your short-term or long-term disability claim, or other benefits denial, you need to know your rights and responsibilities.  This is a crucial time for those fighting to obtain their disability insurance benefits.

We can assist you with your required appeal of the denial.  If necessary, we have the experience to file a lawsuit on your behalf, if the appeal of the adverse benefit determination is unsuccessful.  The disability attorneys at McDermott Law have a proven track record.  But you are urged not to wait to contact an attorney, if your claim has been denied.  Early involvement of an attorney in the claim and internal review process will significantly improve your chances of receiving the disability benefits to which you are entitled. If you have a dispute related to ERISA disability or health insurance claims, please contact the ERISA attorneys at McDermott Law in Denver, Colorado today, or read more about the claims and appeals process below.

What are ERISA disability/health insurance claims?

If you are an employee in the United States, it is most likely that you are covered by the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). In 1974, ERISA was passed to ensure that pension and health plans meet certain standards according to federal law.

Disability claims are a very complex area of ERISA law. It often takes a lawyer a very long time to learn the nuances of ERISA law. The law is not clear, and more importantly, it is not necessarily fair. If you have been denied benefits (whether they are covered by ERISA or not), we may be able to help you. Please contact ERISA attorney Shawn E. McDermott in Denver, Colorado to see if he may be able to help you recover your benefits.

What is involved with an ERISA claim?

It is typical for an insurance company to delay or deny an individual’s ERISA long-term disability claim. There are many factors that may result in a person being denied ERISA benefits by an insurance company, such as improper filing of documentation and the type and severity of the injury. In the event that your long-term disability claim was denied, you will have a period of time (180 days is now mandated) to request a review of your ERISA claim denial. In this time, you may have to file a variety of documents, which must be accurately filled out and filed in a timely manner. You may be required to submit further personal information or evidence to prove that you are eligible and entitled to the benefits that you were denied.

Why is it important to hire an experienced ERISA attorney?

People filing ERISA disability and health insurance claims in Colorado are often at a difficult crossroads in their lives. You might be facing the permanent lowering of your standard of living. You might be dealing with the end of a career that you loved, or might be coming to grips with major health problems. You might be seriously depressed. You should never be embarrassed that you might need help, or that you are having to deal with powerful emotions. So get the help you need by taking positive steps, including hiring an ERISA attorney you can trust.

The legal process that is involved in ERISA disability claims is very complex and requires the experience and knowledge of a disability claim attorney, who has successfully represented clients in ERISA disability claims and ERISA appeals cases.

If you have been denied ERISA benefits, you should hire ERISA attorney Shawn E. McDermott, who handles ERISA disability and health insurance claims in Denver, Colorado. Shawn can help you file a lawsuit in a United States District Court to recover the benefits, such as disability or medical benefits, to which you are entitled.

Learn More about ERISA

If you are involved in a dispute related to ERISA health insurance or disability claims, it helps to be armed with some knowledge about the law. For useful information prepared by our expert ERISA attorney in Denver, please consult the following pages:

Begin Your Claim — Contact our ERISA Attorney in Denver

If you or a loved one is involved in an ERISA dispute, please contact Colorado ERISA attorney Shawn E. McDermott, who has handled many ERISA disability/health insurance claims for Denver, Colorado residents. Shawn can help you navigate this complex area of the law, file your documents, and begin litigation, if necessary.

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