Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability

Short-term disability (STD) protections is often provided to employees as a benefit for when their medical conditions will only limit participation in work for a certain period of time. Short-term disability benefits allow an employee to take time away from work to receive appropriate medical care in an effort to cure their ailments, or teach them effective ways to minimize the physical impacts of their condition. These benefits usually cover anywhere from 50 to 67 percent to 100 percent of an insured’s pre-disability earnings.

Short-term disability insurance should be a way to ease employees’ anxieties should they suffer an illness or injury for which they need to take time off from work.  Sometimes, however, employees will reach the end of the short-term disability period, which can range anywhere from three months to six months, and realize that despite their best efforts, they simply are not able to return to their occupations due to continued restrictions and limitations.  If this is the case, then oftentimes short-term disability will roll into long-term disability at the end of the maximum benefit period, which usually serves as the “elimination period” shown in the long-term disability plan or policy.

Some insurance companies will begin reviewing the claim for long-term disability benefits before the STD period ends, or in other cases, the insured will need to submit a separate claim for long-term disability benefits.

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Insurance companies will deny payment of these benefits for various reasons, and the appeal (or litigation) process can be incredibly overwhelming for many people who need short-term disability income replacement benefits.   If you or someone you know has been denied short-term disability benefits, or if the insurance company has terminated your STD benefits before you are well enough to return to work, please contact the Colorado short-term disability attorneys at the McDermott Law for a review of your claim.  Your short-term disability claim is likely governed by ERISA.  Read more in the ERISA section of this website to learn and understand the importance of submitting an internal appeal of your denied claim.  This is a crucial step in the process and should not be taken lightly.

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