Post Laminectomy Syndrome / Failed Back Syndrome

Post laminectomy syndrome, also known as failed back syndrome, is a condition where the patient suffers from persistent pain in the back following surgery to the back. A laminectomy is a procedure where a part of the vertebra that protects the spinal cord is removed. It is usually performed to relieve pressure on the spinal cord from a protruding disc. Very often, following a laminectomy, patients recover without any complications. However in a small group of people, back pain and sometimes leg pain may persist following laminectomy. This persistent pain is called post laminectomy syndrome.

The most common symptoms that patients experience is back pain at the site of surgery along with leg pain. As a result of the pain, patients have difficulty performing their activities of daily living and may have difficulty sleeping as well. The longer the pain lasts, the more of an impact it can have on the patient’s lives resulting in depression and anxiety.

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