Neuralgia is a stabbing, burning, and often severe pain due to an irritated or damaged nerve. The nerve may be anywhere in the body, and the damage may be caused by several things including aging, diseases like diabetes, or an infection like shingles.

i.        Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital neuralgia is a result of the irritation of one of the occipital nerves located at the back of the head. This irritation can happen spontaneously, as the result of a pinched nerve root in the neck, or prior injury or surgery to the scalp or skull.

Symptoms include shooting, zapping, electric, or tingling pain on one side of the scalp. Sometimes the pain can also seem to radiate toward one eye and the scalp may become extremely sensitive even to the slightest touch or completely numb.

ii.        Trigeminal Neuralgia

This type of neuralgia is associated with pain from the trigeminal nerve, which travels from the brain and branches to different parts of the face. The pain can be caused by a blood vessel pressing down on the nerve where it meets with the brainstem. It can also be caused by multiple sclerosis, injury to the nerve, or other causes. Trigeminal neuralgia causes severe, recurrent pain in the face, usually on one side.

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