Myelopathy is a disorder that results from severe compression of the spinal cord. Causes include spinal stenosis, spinal trauma and spinal infections as well as autoimmune, oncological, neurological and congenital disorders.

i.        Cervical Myelopathy:

Occurs in the neck and is the most common form of myelopathy. Neck pain is one of the symptoms of cervical myelopathy, but not all patients experience it.

ii.        Thoracic Myelopathy:

Occurs in the middle region of the spine. The spinal cord in this area typically gets compressed due to bulging or herniated discs, bone spurs, or spinal trauma

iii.        Lumbar Myelopathy:

Is a rare condition, however, if the spinal cord is low-lying or tethered, it can be affected by lumbar myelopathy.

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