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Standard Insurance Company Approves Individual Disability Income Claim On Behalf Of An Attorney Client

March 15, 2017

McDermott Law successfully appeals wrongful denial of IDI benefits.

McDermott Law successfully appeals wrongful denial of IDI benefits.

Mr. P purchased a Policy of Insurance from Standard Insurance Company which would provide Individual Disability Income (IDI) benefits in the event he was unable to continue working due to an unexpected illness.  His conditions of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disk Disease and Post-Laminectomy Syndrome rendered him unable to continue working and applied for individual disability income benefits.

Standard denied Mr. P’s claim stating it had determined he was able to perform the duties of his occupation.

In attempting to justify this wrongful denial of benefits, Standard ignored the opinions of treating physicians and rendered its decision based, in part, on the opinions of a retained reviewing physician, who arbitrarily determined restrictions and limitations without considering all of the  medical evidence.  Standard also based its decision to deny his benefits by applying incorrect job duties.

How We Helped Reverse This Standard Individual Disability Income Denial

Mr. P. contacted our firm for assistance in preparing an IDI claim appeal.  Our office submitted extensive evidence, including the clear opinions of his treatment providers, that he was incapable of performing the duties of his occupation.  The appeal we submitted to Standard was successful in overturning the adverse benefits determination and approving our client’s individual disability income disability benefits. Our office will continue to oversee his claim with a goal of preventing a future denial of benefits.

If your disability benefits have been wrongfully terminated or denied, call a Denver disability lawyer at McDermott Law at (303) 964-1800 (or email us via the contact form on this page). We are experienced at standing up to insurers and helping our clients secure the benefits they deserve.

From Denver, we provide exceptional legal services to disabled people throughout the state of Colorado, the surrounding states and nationwide.

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