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Practice Areas of Disability Lawyers

The Denver lawyers at McDermott Law are experienced at handling cases that involve various types of disability claims and insurance disputes.

When you are injured or disabled, you want to trust that your insurance policy and disability insurance coverage will protect you in your time of need. In fact, you probably expect that it will provide you with the financial support you need to seek the medical treatments necessary for your recovery. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case, and many injured individuals with legitimate claims may:

  • Have their benefits undercut or even completely denied
  • Find themselves struggling to cover their medical expenses
  • Need the help of an experienced attorney to secure the compensation to which they are entitled.


If you have been experiencing such issues with your insurance company, the Denver attorneys at McDermott Law encourage you to contact us to ensure that your rights are fully protected. For more than 20 years, our lawyers have been dedicated to defending the rights of individuals with disability claims, ERISA claims, and insurance bad faith claims. While we are experienced at going up against corporate lawyers and insurance companies in any legal setting, we are also committed to building each of our clients the strongest possible cases to help them obtain the maximum possible benefits and compensation.


Types of Cases We Handle

Some of the specific types of cases that we handle include those that involve:


How We Can Help You 

When you need to file an insurance and/or disability claim, it’s crucial that you have an experienced lawyer on your side who can facilitate your claim and case. At McDermott Law, our lawyers:

  • Have extensive knowledge of the law (including the latest changes to Colorado disability statutes, etc.)
  • Are fiercely dedicated to providing each of our clients with the personal attention they (and their case) need and deserve
  • Are skilled litigators and effective negotiators, which empowers them to aggressively defend clients’ rights in court, as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

When you choose to work with our respected legal professionals, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible representation for your claim and that you have the best chances of resolving your case as favorably and efficiently as possible. 

Denver, Colorado Disability and Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

For more information about your legal rights and entitlements, along with a professional evaluation of your potential case, set up a complimentary consult with our trusted Denver lawyers by calling us at (303) 964-1800 or by emailing us using the form on this screen.


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