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PERA Short Term Disability Claims – Improper Claims Handling – Standard Insurance

August 26, 2010

Our office has uncovered what we believe to be a significant error in the way the Colorado Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) administers its disability retirement program. As a Colorado PERA member, you may be entitled to certain disability benefits if you are no longer able to work. The PERA Disability Retirement Program consists of two parts: (1) Short term disability (STD) benefits which are paid pursuant to a policy issued by Standard Insurance Company, and (2) Disability Retirement Benefits if you are permanently disabled. PERA STD benefits are payable for a maximum of 22 months. PERA disability retirement benefits can be payable for your lifetime. Standard Insurance is the designated program administrative which makes all disability determinations, whether STD or disability retirement.

In our opinion, and the opinion of at least one Colorado District Court Judge, the PERA STD benefits are being administered by Standard Insurance in a way that is not consistent with the applicable statutory definition. We have come across many denied claims on behalf of potential and current clients which are in fact payable, yet were denied by Standard.

If you have been denied PERA STD benefits by Standard Insurance, you are encouraged to contact our law office. Our lawyers and legal staff will help you determine if your claim was properly handled by Standard, whether the correct disability determination was reached, and your potential avenues of recourse if not. We can assist with your appeal of the disability denial directly with the insurance company or file and pursue a lawsuit if necessary.

For additional information on the PERA Disability Retirement Program, visit teh PERA section of our legal website. Click here.

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