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McDermott Law, LLC Changes Life for Client Whose Disability Benefits Were Terminated

August 1, 2018

McDermott Law Restores Disability STD Benefits

McDermott Law Restores Disability STD Benefits

An Oncology Medical Coder from Arizona landed her dream job and moved to Colorado with her three horses. Shortly after the move, her feet slipped out from under her and she fell down ten stairs. The injuries she suffered in the fall were worse than expected. Our client was unable to sleep through the night or sit for over 15 minutes without increasing pain.

To make matters worse, the medications she took to treat the pain caused severe side effects that further impaired her ability to work.

Given her inability to continue performing her required work duties, she applied for short term disability (“STD”) benefits, which were approved by Cigna Group Insurance (“Cigna”). Cigna paid her STD benefits for one month before suddenly terminating them. Because Cigna determined she was no longer disabled, she was fired from her job. With no job and no insurance benefits, she was forced to relocate, lived in a 1993 RV that a friend purchased for her, and relied on food stamps to eat.

McDermott Law, LLC demanded that Cigna not only reverse its termination of STD benefits and pay all past due disability benefits owed to our client, but also place her on claim for long term disability (“LTD”) benefits and continue to pay her disability benefits as they become due. Cigna approved the appeal and our client is now able to care for her own financial well-being.

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