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Lisa Blaylock

Lisa Blaylock

Lisa Blaylock | Paralegal Lisa joined the firm as a Paralegal in May of 2014. Her primary responsibilities include prospective client communications, the appeal aspect of our employee benefit, and insurance coverage cases. She is the person who obtains and organizes the necessary documentation to support your claim in the appeal process, including claim files, medical records, employment records, insurance documents, treating physicians’ support letters, and any other important evidence needed to support our clients’ claim for disability benefits. Once all the evidence is obtained, she will work with the attorneys to draft the client’s appeal. Lisa works directly with clients to compile all relevant documentation and to ensure that the clients are informed of the status of their appeals.

Lisa obtained an Associates of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies from Penn Foster College and has been working in the field of ERISA disability and life insurance claims since 2003. Lisa enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and riding with her husband on their Harley Davidson.


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