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Liberty Mutual Reverses Long Term Disability Termination of Woman with Multiple Medical Conditions

January 29, 2014

Our disability attorneys were recently successful in getting long-term disability benefits reinstated for a woman suffering from numerous medical conditions, including Crohn’s Disease and fibromyalgia.  Ms. D had been receiving long-term disability benefits from Liberty Mutual for over two years when Liberty Mutual terminated her benefits as it determined she was capable of performing the duties of any occupation.  In attempting to justify the termination of benefits, Liberty Mutual ignored the opinions of Ms. D’s treating physicians and rendered its decision based entirely on the opinions of its own in-house reviewing physicians, who arbitrarily determined restrictions and limitations without considering the medical evidence.

Ms. D contacted our firm for assistance in preparing an ERISA long term disability appeal.  We obtained several pieces of supporting evidence in support of her disability, including opinion letters from her treatment providers, a Functional Capacity Evaluation, and numerous letters of support from Ms. D’s family and friends.  Our appeal also set forth several arguments discussing why Liberty Mutual’s termination of benefits was arbitrary and capricious and relied on insufficient evidence.  After reviewing the appeal, the adverse benefits determination was overturned and Ms. D’s long-term disability benefits were reinstated.

Our office will continue to oversee this claim for Ms. D with a goal to preventing a future denial of benefits.

If you need assistance in submitting a thorough, well-prepared ERISA disability appeal, or require assistance with a claim under your private long term disability insurance policy, please contact the disability attorneys McDermott Law.

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