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Eligibility Requirements for Applying for PERA Disability Benefits

November 30, 2014

The Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA) is a program intended to provide disability benefits (as well as other benefits) to certain government employees in Colorado. As with other disability benefit programs, however, there are some specific eligibility requirements for applying for PERA disability benefits, and meeting these requirements is critical to obtaining benefits.

Below, we will highlight the primary eligibility requirements for applying for PERA disability benefits. If you have questions about or need any assistance with obtaining PERA disability benefits, don’t hesitate to contact Denver Disability Lawyer Shawn E. McDermott. Since 1992, he has been dedicated to providing each of his clients with the highest quality legal services.

Qualifying for PERA Disability Benefits

Here’s a look at the eligibility requirements for applying for PERA disability benefits. Contact us for help. We are experienced at helping people obtain PERA disability benefits.

Here’s a look at the eligibility requirements for applying for PERA disability benefits. Contact us for help. We are experienced at helping people obtain PERA disability benefits.

According to the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association, here are the requirements for qualifying for PERA disability benefits: 

  • Earned service credit – You must have at least 5 years of earned service credit, with a minimum of 6 months of this credit earned in the “most recent membership period.” Purchased, refunded or rolled over service credits will not be counted for this eligibility requirement for PERA disability benefits.

    There may be some special circumstances and issues that come into play with this requirement, and these are dealt with as follows:

    • When people are participating in multiple disability programs, they are required to have at least 5 years of service credit in the specific PERA program and benefit structure through which they will be applying for benefits.
    • Members of the Judicial Division are not bound by earned service credits. In other words, these members can apply for PERA disability benefits regardless of how many service credits they’ve earned.
    • State troopers and CBI agents also are not bound by earned service credits when they are applying for PERA disability benefits in association with a workplace injury they’ve sustained.
  • Service retirement – People seeking PERA disability benefits must not be eligible for service retirement at the time of submitting their applications.
  • Active account – Additionally, in order to legitimately file for PERA disability benefits, people must not have withdrawn their PERA disability accounts.
  • Application submissions – Applications for PERA disability benefits must be properly completed and submitted to the program no later than 90 days after applicants’ last day of working.

When people meet all of these eligibility requirements and successfully apply for PERA disability benefits, PERA officials will review the application and forward it to Unum Insurance for further review if the application has been approved. Because, however, the application process can be complicated and tricky, it’s advised that applicants work with an experienced attorney to have the best chances for approval.

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