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January 19, 2011

We have received an alarming increase in the number of phone calls from PERA Members whose disability claims have been denied by Standard Insurance Company. This office first started noticing this up-tick in incoming calls in the fall of 2010. The fact that Standard Insurance will be replaced by Unum Insurance as the PERA Disability Program Administrator from 2011 moving forward may have something to do with this increase in the number of denied claims experienced by this office.

We have recently filed four new law suits against Standard Insurance and PERA and anticipate filing at least a few more over the next month or so. The vast majority of these claims were denied under the so called “second prong” of the definition of short term disability found in the policy issued by Standard Insurance to PERA. It is the opinion of this office that this “second prong” of the STD definition in the policy violates the law. For more information about this issue and a prior favorable ruling received by this office, please click here.

If your claim under the PERA disability retirement program has been denied by Standard Insurance (or, if your claim was filed after January 1, 2011, by Unum Insurance), you need to understand your rights and may require an attorney experienced in handling PERA disability claim appeals or litigation. Click here to learn more about the Colorado PERA Disability Retirement program. Please feel free to contact our office at (303) 964-1800 or email me at for a free initial consultation.

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