McDermott Law, LLC Works with Treatment Providers to Reverse Standard’s Termination of LTD Benefits

A Tax Lien Specialist made heroic efforts to continue working after years of struggling with her disabling medical conditions. Due to the culmination of disabling medical conditions including chronic low back and neck pain, cervical occipital neuralgia, migraines, as well as colon disease, she was unable to work full time in her Own Occupation. She was eventually moved to an accommodated position at her place of employment. Unfortunately, even with the accommodations and a less demanding position, her efforts to continue working became intolerable. She finally realized she was incapable of continuing to work as a result of her physical disabilities.

Standard Insurance Company (“Standard”) initially approved the Tax Lien Specialist’s claim for long-term disability (“LTD”) benefits in 2015 pursuant to the “Own Occupation” definition of disability. In 2016, Standard began reviewing Ms. B’s claim to determine if she would meet the “any occupation” definition of disability in 2017. Despite the evidence in support of her claim, Standard terminated the Tax Lien Specialist’s claim based upon medical and vocational reviews performed by individuals who had never met, interviewed, or examined her.

The disability attorneys at McDermott Law, LLC worked with the Tax Lien Specialist’s treatment providers to obtain detailed opinions about her conditions and disabling health problems. Their opinions were submitted as part of an internal appeal of Standard’s long-term disability claim denial by McDermott Law, LLC. Because of the opinions of her treatment providers and the efforts undertaken by McDermott Law, LLC, along with our extensive experience in handling these types of claims, Standard agreed with our position and reinstated the Tax Lien Specialist’s LTD benefits.

If you have experienced a denial or termination of a legitimate claim for long-term disability benefits, you MUST consider hiring an experienced attorney to assist you. Only experienced counsel can best protect your rights and submit a comprehensive appeal, which significantly improves your chances of success.

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