Cigna Reverses Long-Term Disability Denial of Service Technician

McDermott Law, LLClong-term disability insurance was once again successful on behalf of a client whose disability benefits were wrongfully denied. These long-term disability (“LTD”) benefits governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), and insured by Cigna, have now been granted.

A service technician suffered from tetrachloroethylene exposure, which caused a litany of medical conditions and symptoms. When his symptoms became unrelenting, he was no longer capable of performing the duties of his own occupation. Despite being approved for short term disability (“STD”) benefits under a similar definition of disability, Cigna denied his claim for LTD benefits. Cigna based its denial on the opinions of its employed medical reviewers who had never treated nor met the technician.

McDermott Law, LLC submitted an appeal on behalf of the technician, illustrating Cigna’s failure to adequately consider his subjective symptoms of pain and fatigue. After evaluating the evidence presented, Cigna reversed its decision and decided the technician was indeed entitled to LTD benefits.

If you need assistance in submitting a thorough, well-prepared ERISA disability appeal, or require assistance with a claim under your private long-term disability insurance policy, please contact McDermott Law, LLC.

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