Life Insurance Claim Denials: 3 Common Reasons for Denials

Life insurance claim denials can be disheartening, but they are not necessarily the final word in a claim, as beneficiaries can appeal denials when they think that insurance companies have made wrong decisions. In fact, by fighting back after wrongful life insurance claim denials, people can recover the benefits payable under the policy.

When Insurance Companies Issue Life Insurance Claim Denials

Here’s a look at a few of the most common reasons for life insurance claim denials:

  1. There was an alleged material misrepresentation on your initial application – With this reason for life insurance claim denials, insurance companies may argue that you made mistakes or left out important information on your initial insurance application.However, the language on applications is not always clear, agents may have misinformed you or other factors beyond your control may have contributed to the alleged material misrepresentation.  Presenting these facts to insurers can be a valid way to contest these wrongful denials.
  2. A loved one passed away during the contestability period – The contestability period is a short window of time – usually one to two years – that starts on the date on which the policy goes into effect. During this period, insurance companies may have more leeway to issue life insurance claim denials – and they can be far more motivated to do so, as the payable amounts on these policies will greatly exceed any premiums already collected.
  3. The manner of death was not covered by the policy –Life insurance policies should clearly outline what manners of death would not be covered (for instance, suicide is usually a non-covered manner of death).  However, the language in these policies is not always clear, insurance companies may be misinformed about the facts of the death, or other reasons lead to this reason being wrongfully used to issue life insurance claim denials.


Of course, there can be any number of other reasons that insurance companies issue life insurance claim denials, so it’s advised that you contact an attorney if your life insurance claim has recently been denied.

After Life Insurance Claim Denials…

After life insurance claim denials:

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