As a reader of this blog site, you are likely aware of the class action lawsuit filed by the Law Office of Shawn E. McDermott against Standard Insurance Company and the Colorado Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA). This case is pending in Denver District Court. The basis of the lawsuit is our firm conviction that the PERA Rule 7.45(E) and the PERA short term disability policy issued by Standard Insurance for the benefit of all PERA members does not comply with the law. See my previous blog posts for a more detailed description of this lawsuit by clicking here.

As counsel for Plaintiff in the class action lawsuit filed by our client, Tracey Lawless, we have filed a motion to certify the case as a class action under Rule 23. The issue is now fully briefed and awaiting the court’s decision. Perhaps more importantly, we have also filed our dispositive motion and extensive legal brief asking Judge Hood to agree with our position that the “second prong” of the short term disability (STD) definition found in the policy must beremoved as it is not supported by and is entirely inconsistent with the PERA statute defining when a PERA member is entitled to STD payments. As of earlier this week, the dispositive motions filed by all parties are also now fully briefed. We simply await the Judge’s determination.

As a reminder to all who may be affected, if you believe your case fits within this proposed class or if you have any other questions regarding your Colorado PERA disability retirement claim or denial, you can always contact the disability insurance lawyers at our office for an initial, free consultation.

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